On Premise Intelligence for Mission Critical Applications

Maximizing IoT Security with a Holistic Solution

Lowest Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Feature Highlights

Industrial Grade Edge Computing Hardware

Multiple Interfaces(Mod Bus)

Industrial grade gateway and solution

Compact Low Power Gateway with scalable processing

Operating Temperature range is 20C-60C

Storage Temperature Range is 40C to 85C

Multiple Communication Interfaces

Operating Vibration Tolerance 0.21Grms, 5~500 Hz, 20min duration

Multi-Application IoT Platform

Site security

Production and Management

Warehouse Management

Equipment Maintenance

Quality Assurance

Targets Multiple Verticals

Aerospace & Defence

Food Manufacturers

Medical & Healthcare

Environment Monitoring

Retail Stores

Fabrication & Machining

Multi-Sensor platform

Productivity Sensors

Location Sensors

Visual Sensors

Audio Sensors

Count Sensors

Vibration Sensors

Weight Sensors

Barcode Scanner

Environmental Sensors

Video Monitoring

On-Demand Footage

Live Streaming on Dashboard

Still Images at Pre-programmed Schedule

Recording and Storage of Video Streams

Highly Scalable Platform

Supports upto thousands of devices

Supports several applications

Highly Scalable Data Services

Network Management with Remote Access

Sensor Locations on floor plan

View of all Sensors Linked to Bridges and Hubs

Open CLI Window for Running Commands

Manage Entire Network from Remote Office

Command Level Interface for every Node

Insights into Network Health

Troubleshoot any Device/Network Failure remotely

Multi-Site Support

Suitable for Medium or Large Enterprises

Centralised Management for Multiple Site

Lowest Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Robust Solution Security

Enables Machine Control Responses

Device Security

Network Security

Data Security with Granular Access Control

Maximises Data Security and Privacy

Extensible and Customizable Platform

Hub-bridge Architecture enables Network Expansion

On-Premise Edge Intelligence

Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Customizable Graphical Interface

Easy End to End Commissioning

Easy Commissioning Sensors/Devices

Application Deployment

Network Management and Monitoring

Configurable Alerts and Multi-Channel Delivery

Configurable Rule Engine

Actionable Alerts & Notifications

Multiple alert channel:Email , SMS, Notifications

Manage Rules using Graphical Interface

Supports Mobile, Tablet and Desktop/Laptop Views